Dress All 1816 in 2016

One look is all it took for passion to bloom in 1816 Pittsburgh

What to Wear? What to Wear?

It wasn’t a very big city, to be sure; less than 6,000 residents, but still there were balls and plenty of coming-out parties to attend. Then, there was church. What would you wear?

We’ve been looking at 1816, the year Pittsburgh got big enough to become a city

Thanks to the Internet and the popularity of Regency Era romantic


books and movies, 1816 fashions are at least as available now as they were then.

Ready-made clothing only started to appear just before 1816. Sorry ladies that was just for men.

Most everyone knew how to sew,  but they got a tailor or seamstress to make the best outfits. You can still get those patterns on the Internet.

If you’re a man, you can do it the modern way —  buy ready-made. Like the outfit below.

DO YOU WANT TO BE HIM? The coat will cost you about $300, the hat about $100. All told, you’re looking at about $900 to become a Regency Period count complete with pocket watch and cane. Just click on photo for details and other outfits.
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